About us


Yellow tenis is a Tennis School located in Warsaw. We offer a wide range of tennis services. Some of the things we do include a Tennis School, camps organizing cardio tennis and many others tennis services. We are experienced tennis coaches, passionate about tennis with lots of  knowledge gained over the  years.

The way tennis is taught has changed drastically over the last years -for kids tennis balls have become slowers, courts smaller. Many tennis programs have been created along with the International Tennis Federation such as Tennis 10s, Teni10 in Poland, Progressive Tennis in Canada, Kids Tennis in Belgium, and many more. Mini tennis has do become essential while teaching tennis. Programs for adults and recreational players like Tennis Xpress are also have being created.

Due to these many changes and rising tennis market expectations in Poland we have created our mark-  Yellow Tenis.We offer a wide range of tennis services- one of us wants to become pro, others treat tennis as lifesport and  but...our one goal in common is hitting the "yellow ball". As professionals coaches we will try to accomplish all of these aspects. We will inform everyone about our projects, using internet portals and social media.

Do not hesitate, join our team and share tennis passion of hitting the "yellow" ball.


Tennis wishes, Coaches from Yellow Tennis



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